New Testament Greek  APPRECIATION-  Course Outline and Syllabus

This 8-week course will introduce students to Koine (Κοινή) Greek, one of the major languages spoken by Jesus and His Apostles.  Koine Greek was the one of the common language of the Roman Empire during the time of Jesus, and is related to, but quite different from, both Modern Greek and the Classical Greek of Homer and Plato.

This course is NOT meant to make you fluent in the Greek language of Jesus’ time, however, we will focus on passages from the New Testament and Divine Liturgy.  Covers the basics of the Greek language such as the alphabet and basic sentence structure as compared to the structure of the English language.

We will then proceed to explore key reading of the New Testament (specifically those Gospel readings we hear throughout the year during Sunday Divine Liturgy and key parts of the Divine Liturgy.  As we delve into Scripture you will be able to recognize areas where the fullness of the meaning has not been correctly captured in English. You will be amazed that in a short time you will gain a new freedom in your understanding of Scripture and the key services of the Orthodox Church.

Course Objectives

  • Alphabet, Simple Grammar, and Greek Sentence Structure
    An introduction to the basic elements of New Testament Greek vocabulary, grammar, and structure.
  • Reading New Testament and Liturgical Texts
    Weekly practice reading and comparing Greek and English texts from the New Testament. The focus is on reading in the original language and discerning of the basic structure and meaning of biblical texts.

Course Syllabus

Week 1         Introduction Review Greek Alphabet and word pronunciation
  Comparison of Greek and English language structure
Week 2         Gospel of John; 1-17 Sunday of Pascha reading
  Vocabulary 1
Week 3         Matthew 8:28-34, 9:1 5th Sunday of Matthew – Demoniacs of Gadarenes
  Vocabulary 2
Week 4        Gospel of Luke;  18:10-14 Sunday of the Publican & Pharisee
Week 5         The Lord’s Prayer Part 1
  Vocabulary 3
Week 6         The Lord’s Prayer Part 2
Week 7 The Great Litany of the Divine Liturgy
Week 8        The Memorial Service
  Vocabulary 4