What Is Orthodoxy?

Most of us do not need an introduction to Orthodoxy, as many of us have lived it our entire lives (unless you are a convert like me).  However if you grew up Orthodox you may not appreciate how scary an Orthodox Church can be.  Their are things that as Protestants we were taught we bad, the Icons are confused for idols, people are venerating Icons (praying to idols) and of course the glorious Mother, the Theotokos is greatly venerated and an icon is next to the altar on the Icon screen (putting a mere mortal next to the Divine).  The five part video series below helps to explain the Traditions and traditions of the Orthodox Church as backed by scripture.  I found the series as it was posted by our friends at www.myocn.net (Orthodox Christian Network), created by Frederica Mathewes-Green.

*Note viewing the video on mobile should be be viewed over wifi as data charges from your carrier may occur